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South Dakota Ranch For Sale By Owner
±3600 acres - $1000/acre

Phone - 605 993 6233

Ranch Houses photo by Kathleen Ann

Originally homesteaded in 1910, has been a working cow/calf ranch for 3 generations. Red Barn There are picturesque views in every direction. Three homes plus original sod home, includes two sets of corrals w/6 barns/sheds and several out buildings. There are two badlands creeks that run through the ranch. The main housing is only 1½ miles off a main State Highway and only 45 minutes to Rapid City. Ranch roads are maintained by townships.

Hunting abundance with plenty of wildlife including antelope, mule deer, prairie dogs, bobcats, mountain lions, ducks, Canada geese, abundant rockhunting sites, etc.

A 2900 foot deep artesian well in the Lakota formation, it produces ±30 gpm, 5 horse motor on 3 horse pump all stainless steel. This well has about 15,000 feet of pipeline run throughout the ranch which hooks up to Prairiedogs photo by Kathleen Ann all three houses and 12 hydrants. There are ±8 dams/dugouts, one natural sandhills spring piped to one house.

This ranch is almost completely surrounded by government land, Badlands National Park on three sides and Buffalo Gap National Grasslands to the south.

Catte on prairie photo by Kathleen Ann


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