Update July, 2004 - Malware (viruses - Trogen horses - Spyware - adware etc) of all sorts spreading
It is becoming more and more widly advised to start using a browser alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer. I have downloaded and am trying out Mozilla's Firefox. I'll keep you posted

Please practice safe computing:
these rules are not meant to be exhaustive but they represent the very minimum you should practice.

  • ALWAYS  maintain good, up-to-date virus software such as Norton® or McAfee®.
    If you don't have it set for automatic update - update often.

  • DO NOT click on e-mail attachments - even if they look like they are from a trusted person until you check to make sure the e-mail address wasn't "stolen" by malicious hackers.
    It is useful, when sending attachments, to arrange with associates to put special signaling code into your subject line - such as initials of both sender and recipient - (BD - my resume - TH)

  • DO NOT down load junk. - Most internet service providers have a form of web mail. Here you can look at your e-mail before downloading it to your computer. Here you can preview e-mail and "trash" what you don't want on line before downloading what you do want without fear of infecting your computer.

  • DO NOT send junk. - Do not resend all that cute FWD stuff you get. It clogs the internet and you may very well be helping spread a virus.
    If you can't resist passing on that wonderful joke or cute saying "copy and paste" the "cute" part from incoming to your outgoing message.

  • DO NOT click to web sites linked in e-mail unless you KNOW you KNOW the sender.

  • DO NOT follow directions on official looking e-mail unless you are DEAD sure you know the e-mail is legitimate.

    Malicious spammers will masquerade e-mail to look like it is coming from Microsoft®,(Microsoft® does not send patches by attachment) your bank or credit card company, an anti-virus site etc. If you are notified of something that looks legitimate, go independently to their web site or call them.

  • BACK UP - BACK UP - BACK UP  I, personally like to keep my work on external discs, such as zip. These are not even in contact with my computer unless I am using them. Then if the sky falls - you still have your work - also hackers can't access and corrupt it.

  • DON'T HAVE BLIND FAITH IN A FILTER They can be hacked around!

  • Good Luck - Enjoy

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